ID: 00109

Ostrava Airport Multimodal Park – Mošnov, warehouses for rent (Concens, Exeter)


3.000 - 97.421 m2


10 m

7 t/m2

Price: negotiable


We offer for rent commercial space in a multimodal industrial park near the Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport. Park. Location is suitable for clients with a focus on logistics, production or warehousing. AVAILABLE FOR LEASE: ◉ complex with a total leasable area of more than 236,000 m2 ◉ start of construction 03/2024, available within 9 months from signing the contract: ◉ hall D 10.217 m2, C 25.000 m2, B 38.800 m2, A 45.997 m2. ◉ possible subdivision, smallest unit 3.456 m2 ◉ possibility of bringing railway siding (number of tracks 6×700 m, 3x crane service, container area up to 30.000 m2) SPECIFICATIONS: ◉ below standard specifications, can be customized according to client’s requirements ◉ floor load capacity 7t/m2 ◉ column module 12×24 m ◉ crane installation option ◉ clear height 10 m ◉ LED lights ◉ skylights ◉ sprinkler K360 ESFR
◉ access by hydraulic ramps for TIR or direct entry ◉ sufficient handling and parking areas ◉ halls can be adapted for logistics or production ◉ office and social facilities will be prepared according to the requirements of interested parties LOCATION:◉ close to the airport in Mosnov ◉ train connection to Ostrava (Ostrava Svinov 20 min, Hl. bus Ostrava, Nový Jičín (15-20 min), Kopřivnice (20-30 min) The photo serves as a visualization of the already completed first stage of construction.

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