ID: 00146

Rent – storage and production space (warehouses, halls), Třebíč


1.200 - 4.990 m2


10 m


Price: negotiable


WITHOUT PROVISION we offer for rent premises suitable for storage or light production in the city of Trebic in the area of more than 110.000 m2. SPECIFICATIONS ⦿ Planned construction of the hall 4.990 m2 with possible division from 1.200 m2 ⦿ Height of the hall min. 10 m ⦿ Fenced and guarded area ⦿ Floor load capacity 5,5t/m2 ⦿ LED lighting, skylights ⦿ Utilities – sewerage, water supply, own transformer station, heat supply, gas connection
⦿ Access loading ramps for TIR ⦿ Accessibility by bus and train ⦿ Administrative and staff facilities (day room, changing rooms, toilets, offices) according to client specifications, taking into account the requirements of the operation
⦿ Sufficient parking spaces and handling areas for cars and trucks (TIR, LKW) LOCATION ⦿ approx. 20 km from D1, exit 141 or 146 ⦿ Trebic 5 km; Jihlava 40 km; Brno 71 km ⦿ Vysočina Region, Trebic District We will be happy to provide more information on request.this is a planned construction. Photo visualization, possible modifications.

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