ID: PK-040-1

Rent: storage and production space – warehouses, halls – Vyškov


2.000 - 24.517 m2


10 m

7 t/m2

Price: negotiable


WITHOUT PROVISION we offer for rent storage or production halls in Vyškov. sPECIFICATIONS: ⦿ size up to 24.517 m2, possibility of division ⦿ clear height 10 m, floor load capacity 7t/m2 (70 kN/m2) ⦿ access: level entrance or TIR ramp (collar with hydraulic levelling bridge as standard with 60 kN capacity) ⦿ possibility of customisation to client’s requirements including office facilities or customisation for production ⦿ price and delivery according to customisation requirements and length of contract LOCATION: ⦿ exit 2 from the D46 expressway We will be happy to provide more information.

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